Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring 2012: 1st Half (2)

Analysis of Industry and Competition: Guido Maretto

"The first time I went to Continente, I got lost in the parking lot…"

"We're not gonna draw the whole tree because it would look like a christmas tree…"

"This one is probably going to be easier [talking about Google] because you find a lot of stuff about the internet on the internet."

"You can imagine what would happen to Europe or other developing countries..."

Student: "I don't remember the model"

Prof: "You don't need to remember, you need to think!"

Student: "Argh!"

Prof: "I know, thinking is difficult!"

"Since I am completely brain dead (…)"

Game Theory I: Susana Peralta

"Let's go back to our best friend, Matching Pennies…"

"Relaxing conditions doesn't mean massage or spa… it means less demanding conditions!"

"So, I stop now for games of… … whatever… imperfect information!"

*student gets up and turns off the projector by climbing a chair*

Prof: "I'm so proud of you… [and then for the class] If he would die in my class it would be really bad."

Management Seminar (BCG)

Lecturer 1: "Are you asking... [this, and this, and that]?"

Student: "Yeah, it's basically the opposite…"

Lecturer 2: "You have to enter, and you have to enter hard!"

Persuasion and Negotiation: Pedro Neves

"So please go attend stuff, wherever stuff is!" [about the Business Forum]

"I wish I could be Steve Jobs - well, I guess no one wants to be Steve Jobs now…"

"They find out they're supporters of the same football club – which is kinda obvious, because if you are a successful business man, you know there's only one club to support!"

"I remember when I was a kid - it wasn't that long ago, it was in the 40s…"

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